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Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey

Importance of Customer Satisfaction Survey

Measuring customer satisfaction can be a tough task for any business. Research shows that a dissatisfied customer is more likely to spread the word about a business than that of a happy customer! While a satisfied customer may tell 3-4 people about their experience within a two-week period, a dissatisfied customer may tell 7-10 people about their experience. Preventing negative word-of-mouth is vital to a business.

The most effective way to obtain information on customer satisfaction is to collect data from past, current and pseudo customers (mystery shoppers). A business is able to learn about customer perspectives, perceptions, thoughts, recollections, expectations, disappointments and general attitudes regarding their experiences. Such information allows an organization to keep in tune with their customers and maintain their all-important competitive edge.


Survey Methodology
We offer our clients the following tools to obtain customer satisfaction measurements:

  • telephone surveys

  • face-to-face street surveys 

  • mail surveys

  • on-line / e- surveys

  • focus group

or individually tailored methods to suit any client’s specific needs.

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