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Comprehensive Human Resources Legal Consulting Services

1. Employment and human resources legal consulting service:

  • Consulting service on how to legally implement sensitive human resources policies, e.g. preventing the abuse of sick leave

  • Concise recommendations on structural strategies for enterprises and related consulting service for avoiding unnecessary legal proceedings

  • Legal consulting and related policy-making under the anti-discrimination ordinances

  • Setting up legally enforceable restrictive clauses and confidentiality agreement, and consulting service concerning employees’ breach of agreement

2. Representing employers to handle and attend human resources legal proceedings

  • Representation of clients by our Principal Consultant in Labour Tribunal litigations and hearings (Note: According to the law, no lawyer representation is allowed)

  • Handling of discrimination complaints and representing clients in responding to Equal Opportunities Commission investigations

  • Representation of clients in handling work injury cases with the Labour Department, insurance companies, lawyers or loss adjusters

3. Tailor-made human resources legal courses and seminars for enterprises

  • “How should company directors, management officers and managers legally handle controversial human resources issues, in order to avoid criminal liability and litigation”

  • “Employment Ordinance and related human resources controversies”

  • “Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and related work injury controversies”

  • “How can enterprises avoid the violation of the Discrimination Ordinances”

  • Over ten other internal tailor-made legal courses for enterprises

4. Reviewing and rewriting of human resources agreements and documents

  • Formulation of sensitive human resources policies in accordance with the law, e.g. policies for handling frequent sick leaves

  • Formulation of codes of conduct for department heads and managers for the avoidance of criminal liability; guidelines which comply with the law can form the basis of statutory defence in litigation.

  • Employment contract/Contractor contract

  • Restrictive/non-compete clause and confidentiality agreement

  • Equal opportunities policy and privacy policy

  • Employees code of conduct and handbook for compliance of the law and raising statutory defence

5. Cooperating with legal teams to help clients handle human resources disputes in the District Court, Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal

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