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Corporate Training

Over 50 Diverse Professional Training Programmes


By partnering with professionals in Hong Kong, Mainland China and rest of the Asia-Pacific region, our Training Consultants can offer a wide range of over 50 professional training programmes. These include: 

  • management,

  • business,

  • leadership and management,

  • professional and interpersonal skills,

  • team work and change management,

  • customer services and

  • sales and marketing training programmes.

Tailoring for Clients Specific Requirements

Our bespoke in-house training programmes are designed to tailor fit each client’s specific requirements.  We assist with all training elements including needs analysis, research, course design, delivery and post-course evaluations. We help clients get an immediate return on their investment, as participants are able to apply what they learned immediately. 

One Stop Follow-Up Activities

In addition, follow-up activities can be arranged, such as consolidation and refreshment workshops, mystery shopper exercises or other work-based assessments so as to reinforce the intended behavior change in the targeted training participants.

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