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Creativity is always hidden

Our brain is divided into two mechanisms. One is to manage memories and logical thinking, while another is to manage creativity. However, most people can only use 2 – 3% of the creative potential in their daily lives and work. Our unlimited potential is always hidden and cannot be fully used.

Creative Thinking – Believe yourself that you can create miracle – Story of NASA's pen

"When America landed on the moon 40 years ago, there was a critical and unexpected accident. The astronaut intended to record all the things after landed, but they found that the pen could not be used under a weightless state. They could only rely on their memories to record all experience. After that, NASA spent 10 years and US $12 million to investigate a pen which could be used in space. At that moment, the space competitors of America, USSR, did not spend US $12 million to investigate a pen, they only used a very simple but creative way to advise their astronaut to write in space. I think you have the answer – the pencil!"

Creative Thinking – Can be learnt and trained

Creative thinking can be learnt and trained. A reputable management scholar in America, Mr. Edward de Bono brought up a series of creative thinking methods since 90's, including Six Thinking Hats (六帽子思維法), Simple Random Words (隨機抽字法), which are very popular creative thinking in management. Among those methods, Provocative Operation("PO")(反其道思考法 /逆境思考法)deeply attracts myself.

"PO" states that, people always tend to avoid danger and disaster, and never touch anything that is impossible, illogical, and inconceivable in their minds. Mr. Edward de Bono encouraged us to enter this "forbidden area" and think it deeply to modify the crazy ideas. Thus, unlimited brand new ideas would be created and operated.

Let us learn how to thinking creative and help our business, products and services to get out the traditional boundary and think out of the box!!!

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Source: QTSA News Magazine

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